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Growing the Game by Growing Your Business

6 - Published March 29, 2013 by in Training

About 10 years ago I provided my first lacrosse lesson. It was 2003, I was working weekdays as a mortgage broker and to give back to the sport I would do a few lessons on the weekends. The business consisted of a few business cards, a ball bag and my stick. In 2008 when the mortgage business completely dried up I was forced to make my side job my real job as I looked for a new “career”. I decided I needed to be more professional and had my friend’s lacrosse store design a few t-shirts and lacrosse shorts. I named my company LearnLax Academy, homage to a lacrosse lesson company in my hometown Stony Brook, NY. Rabil pic1

I quickly learned how much my clients appreciated my professionalism and branding. The business rapidly went from 4 clients to 10, to 20, to 50 and so on. A “real” job became unnecessary and lacrosse became my career. Lessons became clinics, clinics became camps and soon I had a big enough following that I could form a club team, Snipers Lacrosse. As Lacrosse in South Florida grew, so did Snipers Lacrosse. This culminated in the co-hosting of a tournament around the Major League Lacrosse All-Star game last year. I had some great expansion plans, but with running the day-to-day operations of Snipers Lacrosse, doing 30 lessons a week, coaching club teams and running camps, I reached the point where the only way to continue to expand was to hire more employees and make a huge capital investment.

I know what you’re thinking, where is this story going? Enter Elev8 Sports Institute. They acquired Snipers Lacrosse last June. Being with a corporation, I was able to pass off some of the more tedious tasks like accounting, and hire coaches to free up some hours for me to work on expansion. Over the past 6 months we developed Elev8 Nation. The Nation, as we like to call it, provides everything you will need to start a thriving lacrosse business. We provide you with a business plan that includes how to structure lessons, design camps and clinics and set prices. We help you brand yourself by providing business cards, email addresses, camp flyers and email marketing campaigns. We provide you with your own website where we’ll post your promo video, classes, camps and clinics, photo gallery, video gallery, and online store. We set up and manage your social media sites, giving you your own facebook page, twitter and youtube channel. You receive camp and clinic registration online and we handle your accounting by paying your coaches and collecting payments. We provide you with shirts and shorts and other Elev8 Nation apparel. We provide websites for your club teams that can contact your players and help generate new clients for you to train. We also have our own sports social network called that gathers all sports-related individuals and organizations, enabling their networking and self-promotion.

We provide all of this so you can go out there and grow your business. One thing that is holding back the growth of lacrosse is the lack of qualified coaches. It’s tough to make a living doing something that you love but there’s nothing more rewarding. By growing your business we are growing the game.

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